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• 19-21 January, 2006 Gagan Chaturvedi won 1st prize in “AAYAAM – 06” a National Level    paper presentation held at SGSITS, Indore.
• 26 February, 1006 Ankur Seth & Rohan Anand, final year presented paper at IET, DAVV,    Indore.
• 24 – 26 March, 2006 Ashish Kumar & Dolly Maheshwari won 1st prize in poster
    presentation in “PRATUTI – 06” held at IT – BHU, Varanasi, organized by EES / IEE/ IEEE.
• The result of final year students of EE branch who passed out in June, 2006 have cleared    with 95.50% pass percentage.
• 23-25 March, 2007 Monika Agrawal won 3rd prize in Spot Light Model presentation during    “COGNIZANCE – 07” held at IIT, Roorkee.
• 30-31 March, 2007 Satyadhar Joshi has attended as participant/organizing member in the    2 day National Seminar on VLSI Design and Embedded System organized at Oriental     Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal.
• 23 April, 2007 Satyadhar Joshi has attended workshop – “Latest CPU Technology by
• Paper selected for poster presentation of Ashish Kumar & Dolly Maheshwari.
• 17 – 18 March, 2007 Salman Ahmed & Satyadhar Joshi has attended the workshop on     “Nanotachnology – Current Status & Challenges”, IIT Delhi.
• Siddharth Kala, final year cleared GRE with highest marks.
• Pratiksha Gehlot, final year cleared GATE – 2006.














Salman Ahmed & Satyadhar Joshi
• April, 2008 Paper published Research Paper Presentation, Optima 2008 “Micro Electro     Opto Mechanical Systems” IIT, Kharagpur.
• March, 2008 Among top 10 finalist Computer Programming Competition, COGNIZANCE     2008, IIT, Roorkee.
• March, 2008 Published, got 3rd position for best paper award, Research Paper
   Presentation, COGNIZANCE 2008, Computer Cell “Advanced Techniques for Texture
   Compression Using Blockwise Approach”, IIT, Roorkee.
• March, 2008 Paper published Research Paper Presentation, Ideaz, COGNIZANCE 2008,
  Nanotechnology Cell “Recent Trends in MEMS Devices”, IIT, Roorkee.
• March, 2008 Paper published Research Paper Presentation, Ideaz, COGNIZANCE 2008,
  Chemical Cell “CNT Manufacturing by CVD Methods”, IIT, Roorkee.
• February, 2008 paper published Research Paper Presentation, Eureka, Kshitij 2008,
  Electronic Cell “Micro Electro Opto Mechanical Systems, MicroMirror: Fabrication &
  Actuation”, IIT-KGP, Kharagpur.
• February, 2008 among top 10 finalist B-Plan, Kshitij 2008, Business Plan on
  Nanotechnology, IIT-KGP, Kharagpur.
• December, 2007 won consolation prize B-Plan, Shaastra 2007, Business Plan on
  Nanowave, IIT, Madras.
• Tapan Patel has cleared TOFEL.












Ankit Agrawal :
• Secured 1ST position in Switch Craft (Circuit Designing) in BM College.
• Secured 2nd position in Mechaniger (Junyard) in BM College.
• Secured 2nd position in Math’s Olympiad in SDBCT.
• Secured 2nd position in Overclocking Championship in LNCT.
• Secured 4TH position in Aptitude Test in DAVV.

Namra Joshi :
• Paper Presentation Certificate Secured 1ST position in BM College, Indore. “ ORTUS YOUTH FEST 2010".
• Paper Presentation Certificate Secured 2nd position in Venkteshwar Institute of Technology ,Indore. “TECHNO-SPARK-2011”.
• Paper Presentation Certificate Secured 3RD position in Medicaps Institute of Technology & Management ,Indore. “ MOONSTONE”.
• Paper Presentation Certificate participation LNCT, Indore. “YUVANAH 2K11”.
• Paper Presentation Certificate participation Acropolis Institute of Technology , Indore. “Armageddon’11”.
• Management Game “Min 2 Win” Winner (I) Venkteshwar Institute of Technology , Indore.“ TECHNO-SPARK-2011”.

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